2015-09-17 13:41:48 by polrock


I'm triying to make new genders, and big room seems a little atractive...

Here is my new song (Prev):

Problems with a song

2015-09-10 11:34:46 by polrock


Do you remember "perseverance",yeah?... ok, the file is little broken, and I can't work ith it, but, I'm triying, to get it back, meanwhile, I compose other songs, if you want the full version of "Perseverance", Please, wait a little,and I will, do it.


Waiting for Release

2015-08-28 22:17:17 by polrock


Recently finish the full version of "Maps", but, I am triying to release it in a Record label...



2015-08-27 19:42:55 by polrock


Only I wanna say that I have a new instagram acount.

Link Here

Social Links:

Souncloud, Facebook.

New features!

2015-08-22 13:07:59 by polrock


I have so much time without realasing new song, but is for something.

I'm triyng some new features, and searching some good and new techniques, so, in my next prev (Maps) you will see some diferent things from my other songs.

Hope you like it!


Re-Opening youtube!

2015-07-13 16:18:29 by polrock


My music is progresing, so I think is time to re-open my failed proyect of, a youtube channel!

The video who re-open my channel :

Sorry for my bad english.

Have a good day, and a good life, :)


2015-07-11 16:32:38 by polrock


I'm in a big doubt.What mean collab, is food? Because, while I was exploring, I see so many things with that name, and I don't know really how to that work.

And yeah, I wanna do one, but i don't know with who, or how...

Please, if someone know, please tell me, :D

More Time!

2015-07-04 20:18:16 by polrock

Now, that the school are ending, I have SO much time to produce.

That mean, more music for you!!!, :D

For the next week, I have prepared a song named "Afection".

Hope you like and Download it when I Publish it!!! :D

Sorry for this guys...

2015-05-15 17:43:43 by polrock

Hello Polrock here

This is gonna be short.

Recently I  try to post a new song, but there is a bug, and I keep trying to solve it, but no.

So I decide to errase the last song, and I try to publish again... Sorry D,:

Here is the real one:

Hello everyone!!

2015-04-17 21:40:38 by polrock

Hello, I'm Polrock (or Polirock, whatever...) I just wanna to write this to say to everyone, that, introdiucing myself into "The Music" so, I think is good idea to confirm it, :D , so here I'm, if you like to help me, please follow and "scout" me, thanks! :D!!

(PD: sorry for the bad english, D,: )